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“All living beings are born free! Time and again we’ve seen established governments turn corrupt without hesitation, so why should we bow to those who only serve themselves?” – Crimson Chief Sansu

We’ve all been stepped on, kicked around, and mistreated by those who hold unjust power over the populace. Surely you’re as sick of it as the rest of us! The Crimson Legion believes in freedom above all else: freedom to make our own place in the world and freedom to rise against those who would enforce their will on the masses. We’ve all seen the way these overgrown organizations tread all over the common folk. It is the obligation of a government to protect its people and, if it fails in that regard, the people must make a stand for their own rights.

The Cerulean Order is just another stuffy, self-important organization waiting to replace the current bunch. Mark my words: it’ll repeat the same mistakes as the rest! It’s just the nature of those groups trying to force others to bend to their idea of how things should be. The Crimson Legion eschews outdated traditions – we’ll carve a new path for ourselves, leading the way into a future without some oppressive hierarchy dictating our lives. Our passion and drive can’t be resisted! So take up your sword and join us! Together we’ll break the chains of the past and show the world that the human spirit can’t be locked into servitude!

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The Cerulean Order


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