Force Master
Force Master
Basic Information
Gender Male or Female
Race(s) Yun, Gon, Lyn
Other Information

Unlike other classes, the Force Master attacks at long range, dealing heavy damage from a safe distance. Their swift strikes and ability to remain on the move while attacking makes them a dynamic addition to any battle. They are less durable than the other classes, so careful positioning is key to their survival.

The Force Master is able to freely switch between elements; their searing Fire abilities stack damage with repeated attacks, while the freezing Ice powers control the battlefield and enhance their defenses. With careful focus they can even snatch an enemy and hold them suspended in the air, leaving that foe helpless against incoming attacks.

Other classes can’t compete with the Force Master’s ability to handle groups of enemies, but PvP arenas prove more challenging than ever. Only a truly skilled Force Master can overcome the direct attention of a fellow warrior.

Notable Skills

Skill Name Blazing Palm Frost Palm Phantom Grip Impact
Skill Icon Blazing Palm Frost Palm Phantom Grip Impact


Yun Force Master


Force Master -