Squishy X Lawliet

I don't know how I'll tell him...

Lawliet waited on the GCG site, hoping that the one he longed for would come online. They'd been growing distant over the past few weeks with the site being busy, but Lawliet was starting to feel lonely.

The next thing he knew, he saw a message appear on the chat:



He couldn't hold back his smile. This was the guy he's fallen for.

He logged on, and he was immediately dragged to his office.

"Bro." That was the first word he heard. He shivered at how beautiful his voice sounded after not hearing it for days. "I'm getting reports that you're... feeling something."

He'd been caught. "Like what?"

"Just admit it now. You like me."

"I..." The assertiveness in his voice was stronger than usual today.

"I'll do it then." W-what?

"Lawliet, you're such a scrub."


"...my scrub. Forever. This site will be our legacy."

"I... I love you too."