Dawn X Zeat

"I should be getting to bed..." The dark-haired girl yawned while looking at the monitor in front of her. She'd written several things that night, and she was getting tired. Her roommate was asleep, and she was about to fall asleep at well.

Before she could close the window, she saw a message.

Zeat would like to chat with you.

The brunette opened the chat and waited.

Hey. There's something I need to tell you.

She didn't know what it could be. They'd spent a lot of time together in their channel, but nothing had ever come from it. The other members had teased the two of them from time to time, but it was never anything serious...

...or was it?

She responded to the message and waited.

The next time I stream, I want you to watch it to the end. There's something for you at the end.

Days later, on the stream, four large words appeared on his camera:

I love you, Momo.